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Week 9

There is no lecture and tutorial this week.

So, during this time, we decided to go to Hutan Pendidikan Alam to find a materials for our group assignment. We spent there almost 5 hours to find a materials for our group project.

But, eventhough there is no lecture during this week, Cik Aidah has sent lecture notes for week 9 online at Dr Rosseni’s wordpress. She has posted lecture notes on Information lecture. She also has posted video entitled “Do you teach or Do you Educate”?


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Week 8

This week, we has learned about video. Lecturer has shown us several video that it has been created by various way. We also has learned about video format, video special characteristics, video editing software and how to integrate the video with the other sources. We also has learned about ICT sources and Library in teaching.

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Week 7

This week, during lecture, we has learned about audio.

• Membina kemahiran mendengar
• Memilih bahan audio
• Menggunakan bahan audio
• Perisian Penyunting audio

During tutorial, we has learned about video editing. This lesson is regarding our group project about Hutan pendidikan Alam that we need to create one video that we need integrate with video, sounds, still pictures and text. We has learned about how to import video, transition, insert title, still pictures and sounds. Major Jasmy has inroduced Pinnacle Studio version 7 or 11 as our engine to produce our video. He also has gave us guideline how to use powerpoint by using CASPER that it similar with videoclip. Major Jasmy also has guided us about how to make and integrated video with still picture, text and audio by using Pinacle Studio from beginning till the video is ready to release.

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Week 6

During this week lecture, we has learned about visual principle which are :-
• Peranan visual dalam pengajaran
• Matlamat rekabentuk visual
• Proses rekabentuk visual (grafik dan fotografi)
• Alat-alat perancangan visual
• Imej digital (fotografi)
• Perisian penyunting grafik

During this week tutorial, we has learned about video hosting like youtube. Major Jasmy has shown us various examples of creative and proffesional video that had been posted in youtube that we can used it as our resource for educational tecnology courses. Major Jasmy then asked us to search 10 URL/video in youtube related with educational technology. At the end of the class, Major Jasmy reminds us about our non electronic teaching aids, our wordpress blog and our group assginment.

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Week 5

This week lecture has been conducted by major Jasmy. This week, we has learned about :-
Model Reka Bentuk dan Pembinaan Media Pengajaran

Reka bentuk, pembangunan dan penilaian media pengajaran
• Aplikasi pengajaran
• Lawatan
• Bahan bercetak
• Bahan maujud
• Bahan percuma dan murah
• Bahan paparan

During tutorial session, we has disscussed on identifying teaching aids topic whether electronic or non electronic that we need to do as our second assignment and group assignment. We has discussed about preparation that we need to do for non electronic teaching aids, group presentation, and about our second assignment.

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Week 4

During this week lecture, another two multimedia presentation had presented using mainly still pictures, text, audio and visual effects. We has instructed to discuss and write a project proposal report for our group project. This week, we has learn about Blog Development; why wordpress. We has been given a link to guide us with the wordpress registration. Other WordPress tutorials by various people sharing their experiences on how to create a professional wordpress site also has been given to us during this week.

During tutorial, we has learned more about wordpress. Tutor has mentioned that we need to follow the proforma as a guide to create a wordpress. We need to place a video, boxnet, graphic anything that link to Educational Technology. All these widget are object oriented so that we can reuse is as many time we want. Lecturer has tought us more deeply about how to create and use widget in wordpress.

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Week 3

This week lecture, we has discussed about multimedia project development for the multimedia group project worth 20% of the whole course gred. A sample video presentation has demonstrated in class.

During our tutorial, we did ice breaking with our tutor as a way to get know each other.

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